From weather forecasts to palm readings, humans have always wanted to predict the future. While meteorology is regarded as a rational approach, fortune telling and tarot card reading are often dismissed as mysticism. This mindset is erroneous. 
Although tarot card readings do not predict the future, the practice is valuable. Card readings encourage the participant to recognize connections and find meaning in their experiences. This reflection can profoundly influence their future.
No card explicitly references any concrete idea or event. Through a rich visual system, tarot cards present universal themes which are manifested uniquely in every person. 
The card reading is traditionally presented as a story of the fool’s journey. The fool represents each of us as we search for direction. It is up to the fool to find meaning in their own personal journey.
All process work, research, and documentation was collected in a process book. Over 50 pages divided into 5 sections: an Introduction, Process Work, the Research Paper, the Project Product, and Presentation. The book's cover was made from the same silk screened metallic prints as the posters in the show. Selected spreads are shown below. 
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